Nextra is a SCAM! Avoid at all costs.

NextraWorld is a fraud ISP company, they would make you believe their service is great, sign you up and then run away with your money.

I am a normal consumer just like most of you reading this post, and I have this to suggest to you: NEVER GET INTERNET SERVICE FROM NEXTRA.

How Nextra Ran Away With My Money

I was a long time Airtel user, but I had relocated and Airtel did not service the area I was in. A quick google led me to NextraWorld, the ISP did offer fiber internet in Gurgaon. I did a little bit of research and there were mixed reviews online, I thought I would try my luck. How bad could it be, right?

So I fill up their online form, few hours later someone calls me up. They confirm that my area is serviceable. I agree to sign up on the fastest plan they can offer at my place. They inform me about the charges + the upfront payment. I agree and they say they will send someone over to collect my documents and money.

The Unprofessional Executive from NextraWorld

The person who has supposed to pickup my documents arrived the next day without any prior phone calls or anything. I was in the middle of my lunch when the doorbell rang. Needless to say, I ended up skipping lunch to get the formalities done.

I handed over my documents, photos and Rupees 707 as advance payment. 

Receipt provided by Nextra executive after advance payment for internet services.

The executive wanted me to pay three months in advance, he kept insisting on it. I was smart enough to decline and said I will use monthly billing cycle and only increase if the service was reliable.

The Nextra Scam

I had made the payment on 5th of November 2018. The executive who collected the payment assured me the internet connection would be ready in 3-4 days. A week went by, nobody contacted me.

I tried calling up the phone number mentioned on the receipt I got. That number lead to an automated pre-recorded service who would only help me if I gave her my customer ID (which I didn’t have since I did not have my connection yet).

I went online and wrote them an email. No response.

Their chat support was online one day (it is offline 99% of the time) so I managed to get ahold of them. That person asked me to send the receipt to his WhatsApp number which he shared. I did just as he asked and he stopped replying.

I then went to their website and again signed up as a new customer. Lo and behold someone contacted me within a few hours. I told them my issue, they listened and asked me to hold the line. I did. Then they disconnected the call and never followed up.

My Final Verdict on Nextra

They will call you very quickly when you are trying to singup, they will take your money and run away without even installing the broadband connection you paid for. If you try to contact them, you will be ignored.

The only people they reply to are new customers, so that they can collect their money and run away.